Having spent more than 35 years planning, designing and running events on behalf of our clients, we thought we would share our experience of what you need to guarantee success.

Before you start planning your event, whether it’s an exhibition stand at a conference or a thought leadership round table, you need to set your objectives. Think about what you want the end result to be. This could be measured by pipeline generation or number of meetings booked as a couple of examples. Be sure to track your objectives through the planning process and to evaluate them after.

This is the most important part of the mix. People attend events primarily for the content. Make sure it’s current, relevant and different to any content being delivered at other events. Try to steer away from focussing solely on your products and services and think about delivering interesting  engaging content about a specific market or customer challenge.

Whilst content is vital, you have more chance of attracting the crowds if the venue you select is desirable to the audience. If budget allows, pick an exclusive venue that your audience will want to see and experience.

So, content and location is sorted, the next task is to ensure you have good speakers. Think outside of your own business here, perhaps an industry expert or analyst? This will help shape your programme towards a thought leadership angle, rather than a sales pitch.

The final piece of the jigsaw is presentation. This is everything from slideware and handouts to signage and demo areas. The presentation and production on the day will set the tone, the mood and help your customers buy into your brand and messaging.

Get all 5 right and you’re guaranteed to have a successful event.